The Materials Research Collaborative (MRC) at the University of Houston College of Architecture serves as a materials resource for material discovery, innovation, instruction, and research for the 700 students at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and area professionals. The MRC has developed a web-based database that catalogs the physical materials in its collection. On-going work of the MRC includes uncovering new and innovative materials, cataloging the physical samples, and researching and inputting data regarding the specific extrinsic and intrinsic properties of these materials. The MRC is also engaged in specific material research projects such as a database of local materials and carbon analysis of an office building currently under construction.

This work is funded by our Founding Partners: Page/ and Gensler and our supporters: Architecture Center Houston Foundation, the University of Houston Green Building Components program, Skanska USA, the University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and the University of Houston Faculty Development Department.

To learn more about the MRC or to suggest other Houston makers please contact Donna Kacmar at dkacmar@mail.uh or 713-743-2400.

Donna Kacmar founded and currently directs the MRC. Karen Lantz, a local architect, recently responsibly disassembled a house on an inner city site in Houston and decided to partner with the UH MRC in order to further develop and share that resource with the local professional community.

Martha Hernandez, an Industrial Design student at the University of Houston, led this project. She was assisted by College of Architecture students: Alejandra Cervantes, Saran Hunter, and Marybeth Lejeune. The website was designed by Garth Williams.